• The Arc Jacksonville Village is an affordable, independent living, apartment–style neighborhood designed to maximize community inclusion for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The atmosphere of the community encourages independent living, promotes socializing and sharing among neighbors, and lends itself to venturing beyond the property to enjoy the educational, employment, social, and recreational opportunities found in the thriving metropolitan Jacksonville area. The Arc Jacksonville Village environment promotes resident freedom, inclusion, and integration within the Jacksonville community, in a way that has previously not been possible.

    Potential residents undergo a services eligibility process (please click here to learn more: http://www.arcjacksonville.org/the-arc-village-eligibility-and-application/) sign their own leases (some may require a guarantor), determine the type and level of independent living/employment services, define their own lifestyle, make their own decisions and enjoy the same freedoms as anyone else without an I/DD diagnosis.

    It is important note that The Arc Jacksonville Village is ** NOT ** a: Glorified Group Home Special City Facility/Institution Residential Program

    Although The Arc Jacksonville Village offers a more connected community, independent living/community-based employment services, natural supports and volunteers and fun and meaningful on/off-site recreation/leisure/wellness activities, the expectation is for residents to create a life outside of the community grounds and provided services and activities. The Arc Jacksonville Village is NOT designed to provide any supervision and/or care.

    The Arc Jacksonville Village ** IS ** designed to: Connect residents with customized and needed government and community resources and benefits Provide services that optimize inclusion, integration, and self-determination of residents.

    Provide opportunities to increase and enhance independent living skills, decision-making, safety, wellness/medical management, employment, self-advocacy, community access, civic responsibility, and “sense-of-self”.

    Offer independent living skill-building that leads to the need of very minimal supports in long-term independent living planning.

    Realize the full potential of residents to live full, meaningful, and independent lives.

    Transform society’s misconceptions of the abilities, capabilities, and “deficits” of persons with I/DD.

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  • Our unique floor plans give you the opportunity to select a home that is just right for you. Browse our one and two bedroom floor plans options.

  • The Arc Jacksonville Village, located within eight miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches and 14 miles from the Jacksonville urban core, is surrounded by suburban leisure facilities, schools, libraries and a bustling commercial corridor with a wide variety of job opportunities.